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Updates have been slow in coming as I seem to have thrown all of my energy into doing stand-up comedy these days. It’s addictive in a way that no drug really is. I’ve been writing comedy for almost four years now but there’s nothing like a live crowd…especially in an environment where you can ask a 60 year old man if he’s ever shaved his balls and no one looks at you like you’re an asshole. It’s actually expected.

But don’t think I’ve forgotten about you internets; you’re my first true love. What with your ample supply of torrents, your never-ending pool of porno and your non-stop thirst for entertainment.

And now, another video of me doing stand-up.

We’ll return to our normally scheduled programming soon.


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  1. dude, who knew the weird shit you say during smoke breaks could actually be turned into comedy?

    i mean, its great and all to turn dreams into reality, but if you do everything now, you have no excuse to be bitter when you are older. everyone knows that happy old people are creepy.

    in all seriousness, fuck you and your naturally suited for stand-up comedy balls.

    ps….i would highly suggest changing your last name to “Levine” or “Goldstein” to gain some legitimacy.

  2. Thanks for posting these so I don’t have to sell the soul of your first child for gas money.

  3. you rock travis! yet another masterpiece. don’t be scared to reproduce though, it’s actually kinda fun. i’ve come to realize that i can’t possibly screw my kids up as bad as my parents screwed me up!

  4. Ah, nothing like talking to complete strangers about unwrapping the cash and prizes. That takes me back.

  5. so do you think that old dude shaved his balls??? Or maybe now he is at the old folks home kicking over checkerborads challenging other people to wrestling matches in his Depends!

  6. You told the story of reading Harry Potter! Oh how I’m afraid all that was real life stuff.

  7. Nice work! Doing very well with the standup, hope something big works out for you..
    All the best.

  8. Next time I shave my balls I’ll think of you Travis.

  9. Since I’ve seen the pics of your brothers and your brief stint as Babysitter……I so fear for the future of this nation when you have kids.

  10. Bravo. Another great show. Way to make your dreams a reality!! Rock on brotha!

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