Bush’s Farewell Speech

On Thursday January 15th, 2009,  President bush gave his final address to the American public.  Since then politicos and the new media have been striving to make sense of his purposing and reasoning behind his speechifyin’.  Many people are alleging that he was trying to secure his legacy while others are postulating that he was using this speech to set the record straight on his policies and indeed some of the failures of his administration.  And some are merely seeing this as a final “Eat Shit” to the American public.

All of this is being discerned from the just the words of Bush’s last speechification.

Well there’s one thing that they are forgetting to look at: subtext.

So I have decided to look into, and report on, the subtext of Bush’s final speech.  The words in between the words.  The meaning under the statements.  The stank under the balls.

Below is his farewell speech, intercut with what I believe he’s really saying.

If, for some reason, the embed doesn’t work, here’s the link to the video on Vimeo:


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  1. Shit! I cannot stream from the ship. Gotta wait 5 fucking weeks to see the vid, man.

  2. COME ON

    How do you even get internet out there on your tri-masted schooner you scurvy sailor?

  3. Hah!! That’s some hilarious shit, Travis. Good times my friend, good times. 😀

  4. Oh

    You went there. On so many levels you went there!

    I’m so proud.

  5. dude awesome, i want to stone women in the streets !!

    “What the hell state of utah?” a direct quote from a self-proclaimed Great man.

    who cares about old people??

    Btw nice legos, they are a nice accent to your fresh and new style.

  6. I own a satellite. However, it has shitty bandwidth.

  7. wow, this is not funny at all

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