New Article Up At VA Mortgage Center

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The first article – an introductory piece – is up over at VAMortgageCenter. <– Just go ahead and click that bad boy right there.

For the next two weeks I’ll be guest writing over there and trying to apply my brand of humor to the world of the Military.  I’d also like to make it as open of a forum as possible.  With that in mind I’m welcoming any and all military related questions, comments and topic ideas. You can submit them through the contact form located here , you can twat it up on twitter by replying @htkpeeps, or you can try Morse Code and smoke signals*.  Whichever way you do it, I welcome the input.

*morse code and smoke signals not guaranteed means of communication. Actually about as effective as standing in your front yard screaming, “dot, dot dash, dash – dot dot dot, dot dot dot dot, dot dot, dash.”**

**translated “eat shit”


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