Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow (reviewed)

originally posted right after I saw this 2004

Recently, some friends and I went to see the above mentioned flick and I just wanted to give a modest review of what I consider to be one of the best conceptualized movies of 2004. First off, the writer/director of this movie, Kerry Conran, is a genius, like a genius in the same league with Baz Luhrmann. He has rejuvenated the Saturday morning serial of the 1940s era in the same way that Baz (we’re on a first name basis because we eat pancakes and watch all of the WWE pay per views together), reinvented the modern musical.The look, feel, script, and characters in this movie were pure pulp comic characters from the era where my grandpa learned how to draw. It was truly amazing, and it had the coolest things that exists on the face of the earth.


Then, once you thought it couldn’t get any better.


Then these spindly bastards go on their super cool robot rampage.

So I am sitting there thinking, ” By far, this must be the coolest movie ever made because of their liberal use of robots. The only thing that could make this cooler would be if they threw in a ninja.” To my surprise they did. Because the only thing cooler than robots is ninjas, because even Jesus and Pee Wee Herman know that a ninja could kick any robots ass. But Kerry Conran threw a twist. HE PUT A ROBOT NINJA IN THE FILM.

All in all this movie is something that you must own on dvd when it comes out, and after you watch this and realize exactly how right I am about robots and ninjas, you can thank me for showing you the coolest thing on dvd since they released Alf: Season One.

Robot, Ninjas, Comic Books….god this movie ruled!!!


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  1. never saw this movie…and if it was good that is suprising to me….it looked like a huge let down…and really a pile of crap. But hey still haven’t seen it…maybe one day when i am bored and have nothing to do….oh wait i don’t have anythign to do…well then maybe next time i don’t have somthign to do.

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