Oh God My Son Is Mobile!

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He’s crawling.

I knew that this would happen eventually but, and I suspect that this will be the case for most of the developments in his life, I was not ready.  The little bundle of cute who used to nap on my chest and was content to wile away the hours sitting in his swing is no more.  He has crossed a threshold from which there is no return.  And I couldn’t be prouder.

There are seminal moments in the development of a child, but none more profound than the desire to explore;  to find out what is beyond our immediate vicinity. The arts of communication, decorum and social awareness can be taught, but the desire to step outside of one’s comfort zone is an inherent trait that can not be learned. It must be nurtured, allowed to germinate and grow.  And perhaps used as a means of household gambling.

He started out so strong but was distracted so easily by a door

This fascination with being elsewhere will, hopefully, be something that opens doors to new adventures. It is my desire that his wanderlust will be the catalyst to a lifetime of experiences that I can not even begin to fathom.  I may be making too much of an infants ability to learn to be mobile, but as I am watching my son develop into an actual person before my very eyes I am experiencing a sense of pride and wonder that I never knew existed.  His urge to explore our house is as mesmerizing to me as it is to him.  And I hope that this desire to see and experience  new things never fades.

Until then, maybe it’s time to move all of my comic books off of the bottom shelf.  Because he’s wrecking all of my cool shit.

come on kid, stay away from the Jim Lee’s


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  1. Well said, sir. Our babies are becoming little people right before our eyes. Oh, the mischief they will get into together. Its a beautiful thing :)

  2. He’s such a little bundle of cute that I couldn’t contain my giggles.

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