On The Laying of Plans.

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When I made a commitment, to both myself and my readers, that I would bring out new content every week; the plan seemed fairly simple.  I figured that I’d work a little bit each night either fleshing out an idea for a feature article, working on some of the new features I want to launch, drawing or working on my book.  Following that it would only take a couple of late weekend nights to complete each new piece with a little bit of wiggle room on Mondays for final touches.  Sounds fairly simple and concise right?  What’s the saying in regards to the plans of mice and men? I would venture to say that those who are in possession of infants shouldn’t make plans and those that due should be prepared to have those plans dashed on the rocky shore of reality.  I, obviously, would belong to the latter category of people.

I used to think that I did well in pressure situations.  Generally speaking it was fairly rare for me to lose my cool and not be able to keep a level head; apparently that does not apply to situations that deal with my son. I’ve never had a kid before so when his temperature crested the century mark for the first time in his little life I became, what I like to believe, is reasonably paranoid.  What I didn’t become was the quiet calm center of the universe.  I became a bumbling nervous idiot who, at one point, asked the ER doctor if he could, “Use his science magic to miracle my son back to health?” Even in some of my worst moments humor is the only thing I’m capable of with some modicum of reliability.

That picture? That is the list of of questions I had to ask my son’s doctor. Why are they written on my hand?  Because I had gotten about four hours of sleep in two days. After taking my son to the ER with a fever of 103 and going back and forth between work and home at ungodly hours I carried just enough mental capacity to read my chicken scratch off the closest thing that was dangling off my body.  Had I been any stupider my wife would have had to pin a note to my shirt like I was a kindergartner.

The boy is currently on the mend and despite a fairly poor attitude in regards to not feeling 100% he seems to be no worse for wear. That, in and of itself, is heartening and I hope that next time something of this nature rears its ugly head I’ll be able to contain my lunacy.  On the lighter side of the spectrum work is progressing steadily on all fronts in the projects area.

This picture?  This is progress!  One new feature is almost ready to debut, another is solidifying a little bit more each and every day and on top of that pile is about 40 pages worth of rough draft of the book.  If the boy can  avoid getting sick again things look like they’ll be back on track. But by saying that I may just be jinxing myself.

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  1. Travis…. after 2 kids, just over a year apart, all i can say to you is <3. I know some of the stuff you have been through and i can tell you none of it compares to the roller coaster ride of close scares to moments you would have frozen in time and live in forever if it were even possible. Plus there is all the good stuff like needing a new dvd player because “it was hungry and i shared my peanut butter and jelly.” It all evens out in the end. The good times far out weigh the bad and the great times? Well there is just no comparison. You will do just fine.

  2. haha, are you retarded? Do you think you live a charmed life? Dude…when your son is puking down your back and you KNOW it is red koolaid and spaghetti-os or worse, when you have to pin them down for their first blood draw or IV fluids…then come talk to us. It’s the difference between a runny nose and the f’ing swine flu. You are soooo in the infancy of parenthood.

    Did I scare you yet? Cuz you know I don’t lie.

    Yeah, I know, I’m brutal. Welcome to our world.

  3. Seeing as I don’t have kids and therefore don’t have a modicum of understanding–making me gloriously indignant to your struggles, I offer this bit of wisdom: Get over it, pantywaist!


  4. My little one was sick last weekend too it was horrible. Thank goodness he is still nursing or he probably would have been sick for longer. Pretty amazing that they recover and have no recollection of it…like some kind of freakin’ gold fish! Did they come back with what he had? Other than a “virus”?

    On the parenting and plans note….uh, yah, good luck with that. Number 1 is 16 and number 2 is 14 months and making plans is only somewhat easier as they get older. You will come to learn the joys of sleepovers and trading kids for the weekend. Good times!

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