Things To Do With A BodyBag – Go To The Park

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Public parks, these days, are hives of unsavory detritus. From hypodermic needles to discarded condoms. From booze fueled hobos to drug dealing punks. I’ve even heard rumors of piles of gift wrapped hand grenades just sitting out in the open like so many eggs on Easter morning [citation needed].  A trip to the park these days is an easy way to take one’s life in their own hands.  So what is one to do when you feel a desperate urge to awaken the child inside of you and have some good old fashioned fun without being exposed to the darker sound of today’s play ground?

Simple! Bring a Body Bag.

If you bring along your approved Body Bag you can take part in any number of activities without fear of exposing yourself to any of the less than savory parts of society.

Enjoy the simple joys of a tire swing in a relaxed and recumbent position without suffering the throes of the elements.

Careen down the plastic majesty of a slide without worrying about covering yourself in the left overs of the teen crowd that gather in the parks at night.  Your Body Bag provides not only a thick layer of protection from the world; it also let’s you go down slides super fast.  Which is awesome.

Swing on the swings in blissful ignorance. Back and forth through the sky like an angel on a pendulum. With every arc you’ll be glad you brought along your body bag because when you’re encased in its protective cocoon it’s like you’re flying through your own private cloud.

Of course there is always the added bonus of frightening children; and who could put a price on that?

let’s call that a win.

If you’ve got an idea for a thing to do with a body bag find me on twitter and use the hashtag #thingstodowithabodybag or just shoot me an email.

photo credits: Lou. Digital Noise Photo


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