I suppose, at some point, every author has to write a masturbatory biography about who they are and why you would come to them for entertainment on this here internet. This is mine.

My name is Travis. I’m a husband, a father, a writer, a stand up comedian, a pro-wrestling enthusiast, a movie geek and a comic book nerd. I’m twenty nine years old,as of this writing, but I act like I’m twelve as often as possible because I believe that people often take themselves WAY to seriously. I have been doing public speaking since I was ten years old and I find myself with the succinct ability to prove any point that I set my mind to. I also understand that while using fifty cent words and Chuck Palanhiuk prose can do a lot to get your point across I’m also a firm believer that sometimes the poignant use of the word FUCK can get that point across a lot faster.

I’m married to, probably, the most understanding woman on the face of the planet. It’s very rare to find a woman that will put up with, not only your child like appreciation for a good dick joke, but sometimes being the butt of that joke in front of a crowd of strangers. Through thick and thin she has stuck by me and still kept a sense of humor about being married to me. No she doesn’t have any sisters, but she does have a brother. If you’re a single lady in search of a good man please feel free to send a bio and pictures and I’ll be sure to forward them on.

I’m the father to two dogs and one small boy child.  The dogs are Joe and Bayou.  Together they comprise an unyielding tag team duo who’s apparent only goal in life is to eat anything in site and test the physical limits of two furballs taking as much space on my couch as possible. Which is especially frustrating when I’m trying to drink my own weight in liquor and watch wrestling.

When my son, Wonderboy, was born people told me that I’d have an endless supply of comedy material, but the kid hasn’t written a funny thing yet.  He spends most of his time talking nonsensically and pooping his pants.  So I suppose that he’s a lot like his father…except sober.  For what that’s worth.

Whiskey For Breakfast is the second website I’ve had on this here internet.  You may catche glimpses of the remnants of that previous, and tragically newsworthy site around here, but I’m trying to distance myself from that.

If you’re a fan of my old website looking for comedic articles laden with synonyms for penis and an appreciation for sophomoric humor; if you’re a fan of crass and crude stand up comedy; if you’re a new father looking for someone to empathize with you and hopefully make you laugh at the world that you’ve been thrown into kicking and screaming just like your new child; or if you’re just looking for a few minutes of entertainment and time-sink on the internet…you’ve found the right place.

Welcome to Whiskey For Breakfast.

the mustache is drawn on